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Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Angie - Holyoke, Ma

The songs I Wont Let Go by Swichfoot and Even if by Mercyme have been especially helpful. I have been feeling very down but Im trying to hold on to God and his promises. He is faithfull when everything else seems to fall apart.

Aimee - Easthampton, MA

I like listening to the Q 99.7 during my work day. I find that hearing Truth keeps me calm and able to focus on giving all that I can and holding strong to Jesus. I am so incredibly glad that there is a Christian worship station in the Pioneer Valley that's why I am happy to support it.

Evelyn - Springfield, MA

I was looking for a church, asking God every day to help me find one. One day as i was searching for radio stations, The Q 99.7 came on and lo and behold an announcement for Cornerstone Church came on, this was back in November 2014. I love Cornerstone Church and love listening to The Q 99.7!!

Leslie - Springfield, Ma

Its so awesome how the listeners stories are so similar to one another and some of them I can really relate to a lot. Sometimes we think we are alone in this world with what we're going through, but there are others who deal with the same or worse! Everyone can have that reassurance that God is there and that we need Him and like Philippines 4:13 says "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Thank you for this station, for the beautiful,positive uplifting music.

Shari - Enfield, CT

I have inherited a harem of teens as part of a blended family- none of them knew Christ before now. They were all struggling in school & used to listen to nothing but gangster rap. Now they listen to your station & are hearing uplifting, positive messages. I am also proud to say that they are all also now pulling all A's in school. One is now in professional school at the top of the class & another just got student of the month at school. I am so happy to be supporting His cause & yours.

Renee - Springfield, Ma

I want to thank you for all that you guys do. I wish I could pledge, but my spouse does not allow me to do much of anything with the money. I will be praying for The Q 99.7 though, between you and my wonderful church family I feel so blessed. I sing out loud while listening in the car.

Corrin - Enfield, CT

As a busy college student I can admit that I never leave myself enough time to read my bible in the morning. I listen to the Q 99.7 on my way to school and I can tell that God uses the songs to speak to me. It gives me faith and encourages me to press on. Like most others I live in a spiritual battle zone, but the positive and uplifting Godly messages give me a protective coat of armor for my day. It helps shield me from negativity and bitterness that is often more contagious than a cold in a dorm. In a world that can sometimes feel so cold and alone, it helps remind me that if God is for us, who could be against us. Thank you for all that you guys do, you truly will never know how much you mean to so many other people just like myself.

James - Chicopee, Ma

I listen to The Q every day on the way to work and its one of the only things that's been getting me through such a tough time in my life. I felt that God was calling me to donate, even a little, so others can benefit from it too. I ended up getting laid off today and I almost changed my mind but then I remembered Matthew West's line of I throw a twenty in the plate but I never give 'til it hurts. I may not be able to afford a twenty anymore but I still wanted to give something.

Bianca - Springfield, Ma

I'm a Freshman and this is my first year going to the public High School in my city and needless to say it has been difficult. Being surrounded by so much negativity is new to me. Being able to hear The Q 99.7 before, after, and during school has really just been such a motivation for me to minister and spread God's love in my school My next goal is to be able to most likely start a bible club in school So, the Q 99.7 has really just been such a motivation for me to keep my head held high in school. So, thank you to all of you at The Q 99.7

Gail - Springfield, MA

The past several months have been very challenging for me because my husband has been in the hospital more than he has been home. My work schedule allows me to catch part of Nate's on air time in the morning and that has been a huge blessing for me. I feel like I have a friend with me as I listen to Nate share about his family, relevant topics of the day (from a Christian perspective), play wonderful music, and lead us in prayer. This is just one of the many ways that God has used the 'Q' to help me recently. Thank you 'Q' family, from the bottom of my heart!

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