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Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Denise - Wilbraham , Ma

Hello, my name is Denise. I brought my 2 boys to Dunkin Donuts yesterday, I ordered a small iced coffee for myself and a frozen hot choc for my boys to share. When I got to the window the young boy gave me a letter and said to me that the lady in front of me paid for my order.
My boys were just as wowed as I was! I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day, I explained to my boys that there are still many nice people out there and that kindness goes a long way, it makes a difference in the world! I also paid for the car behind us continuing to pass the small act of kindness and to teach my boys to pay if forward!

Aleksandra - West Springfield, Ma

After divorce, going through shelter, court, moving from the west to east coast with my autistic non-verbal child. We moved here, a completely unknown place. Starting everything from zero. It was then that I "accidentally" find your station - it brought me to tears and I felt the worries I was carrying on my shoulder just wash away. This is the only station Im listening from now on! Thank you!

Breanna - Ludlow, MA

I have really bad anxiety sometimes, and lately there have been a lot of little things stressing me out. As soon as I turn on The Q 99.7 it instantly calms me down. I'm so thankful for this radio station and everyone involved in it!

Vera - Springfield, MA

Every time I feel down and the feelings of depression, sadness, and insecurity start creeping into me, these songs lift me up. It's amazingly powerful how God can speak to one's heart through the words of a song. I remember being filled with tears, crying to God how difficult it is for me to go on any longer- carrying physical and emotional burdens of my life and the song 'I will let you bend, but I won't let you break' was playing. It was God's touch! Sometimes I'm nearly giving up-losing hope and faith but He says just one more step and you'll be stronger and my tears turn into tears of happiness instead of tears of sorrow.

Catherine - Springfield, MA

I walked out of the doctor's office. My daughter had just been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. I got in the car and turned on the Q 99.7. Blessings by Laura Story came on. I just fell into Jesus' arms and cried like a baby. In the song the question is asked, "What if the trials of this life are blessings in disguise?" My daughter did eventually pass away, but I have seen so many blessings through this time. Thank you for keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus.

Karen - Agawam, MA

I listen to your station every morning on the way to work and every afternoon on the way home. The music is uplifts me. Recently I have had some pretty tough trials. In the midst of an illness, I lost my job.... And now my husband says we are overwhelmingly in debt and have no cash. We are broke. Those first several days after losing my job were really difficult.... Through all of this, the songs on your station have helped me remain faithful and trust in the LORD. I felt stronger just hearing '10,000 Reasons.' I know that God has a reason for all this and he will turn all of this around for good. So, thank you Q997, from the bottom of my heart.

Martha - Springfield , MA

I am a grandparent raising my grandchild with A.D.H.D. by myself for 11 years without any family support. It is extremely difficult and trying at times to do alone. Without my faith and belief I wouldn't be able to continue. God has blessed me with to be here for him. It is so uplifting to have Q 99.7 to tune into when I need extra encouragement and support.

Kim - Springfield, MA

Your radio station has helped me by just continuing to be on the air. This part of New England desperately needs to hear this message and to know that God loves them. The music you play and the interviews and everything else you air has and will continue to make a difference. I am proud to support your station, your employees and all you do. Keep up God's work!

Deb - Springfield, Ma

This week my granddaughter who is three started preschool. She goes to my school and while driving in the car together the song Fearless came on. She was singing the words that you are always with me or around me. That just made my day! So at any age your songs our touching us. Thank you so much. God Bless!Keep the songs coming.

Noella - Springfield, MA

Every day, during our in our way to school or home, I hear my five-year-old granddaughter singing the songs she listen from the 99.7 radio station, I feel so grateful for god have gave me the gift to have her with us. Thank you guys for been there.

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