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Listener Feedback
The Q 99.7 has helped me everyday! Whenever I am going through anything in my life God puts it into perspective through the Q 99.7. Some days I feel as if my life is over and then I put on The Q 99.7 and listen to someone's story ,or a song and it makes me think that I am in so much better shape than that persons story or wow that song was meant for me and really puts my life into perspective.
Tammy from Springfield, Ma
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The Underground

The Underground Cafe is a fun yet relaxing place to hang out and meet new people! You can surf the Internet, get cozy on our comfy couches, and see some great local bands!

Free and open to the public, The Underground Cafe aims to provide a safe and friendly environment to its patrons. Whether it's featuring a local artist every week or just hanging out at our coffee bar, The Underground Cafe is here to serve you!

So, if you aren't busy Friday night, you should be! Come check out The Underground Cafe. Stop by any Friday between 7:30PM and 11PM.

Live music begins at 8:30.

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Upcoming Events

If you'd like your band to be a featured artist at the Underground Cafe, e-mail Gabrielle Bucci for more info!

The Underground Cafe is located at:
     522 Springfield Street    [click here for directions]
     Feeding Hills, MA 01030

Hope for Today
The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.
Proverbs 9:10 NIV