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Experience what lasting peace, joy, and hope feels like by taking the 20 Minute Challenge!

While you're listening to The Q 99.7 for at least 20 minutes a day, listen for the "keyword." When you hear it, click the banner at theq997.com, fill out the short form below, and you'll become an instant finalist to have your bills paid off, up to $1,000 thanks to Springfield Pharmacy!

Keyword changes each day, and will be given weekdays at 8:00am, 12:00pm, & 4:00pm.

(BONUS TIMES: weekdays at 6am and 7pm)

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Keep the joy coming!

The 20 Minute Challenge is a great way for you to launch into 2024. Through the encouragement built into every song, we're confident you'll experience a positive change in your life as you listen.

Read about the difference The Q 99.7 has made:

I struggle with depression and I just remember feeling really down and crying on my way to work and "Something Better" came on the Q 99.7 and I ended up just singing along and smiling and finding hope in God's grace. - Leida, Holyoke

On an everyday basis, for the last two years, I’ve been struggling with just living but you guys keep me going. If it wasn't for you guys and the encouragement from The Q 99.7. I believe I would definitely be lost. - Kaya, Chicopee


Hope For Today

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    The King Is Alive

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