Secret Sound

Congratulations to ANGEL from Springfield on winning $1,7000 for correctly identifying the secret sound. 

Peeling The Q 99.7 Sticker 

Thank you for playing along with the Secret Sound contest! We hope you had fun. Special shout out to BOND FINANCIAL in East Longmeadow for providing the prize money! 

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Here are were the incorrect guesses:

April 30: fishing reel, bicycle, fidget spinner, fishing reel (duplicate guess), a cicada

May 1: Q Prize Wheel, wooden rocking chair, tent zipper, opening a zip lock bag, opening a patio umbrella

May 2: safe dial, tape dispenser, striking a match, opening a screen door, a bug zapper

May 3: Spinning roulette wheel, spinner in wheel of life, flipping through paper, a rope swing, bow and arrow pulling back on archery game on Nintendo Wiii

May 6: Blow torch lighter, zip tie, hummingbird wing, a lawn sprinkler, tearing saran wrap

May 7: Flying toy, fan de-escalating, slingshot, shuffling a deck of cards, a fishing rod/reel (duplicate guess)

May 8: winding of a watch, rattlesnake tail, hammock, old school film reel, stretching a rubber band

May 9: Yoyo, pulling toy car back, playing card in bicycle tire, ratchet wrench, a wind up toy

May 10: water freezing. spinning wheels on hot wheels car, spinning timing dial on i-phone, deflating a balloon, fishing reel (duplicate guess)

May 13: pinwheel, needle of record player landing on record (guessed twice). keurig making coffee, ossolating sprinkler slowing down

May 14: the game perfection, running finger through comb, welding something, sitting down in a wicker chair, a squeeky door

May 15: Combination lock, grasshopper, weedwacker, fire crackling, spinning the wheel on a roller skate

May 16: kids mini pinball machine, twisting a plastic water bottle

For our general contest rules which apply to this contest as well click here 

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